IRAQ NEWS: The Ministry of Defense denied allegations attributed to its minister regarding military intervention if a Kurdish state was established, noting that the Ministry had the right to file a lawsuit against anyone who attempted to spread false infos. / Interior Ministry Advisor Wahab al-Taie told Al-Sumaria that most of the kidnapping operations that took place were acts of revenge due to debts owed between the kidnapped and the kidnapper and, therefore, were not considered criminal offenses as there was prior knowledge between the two parties over financial disputes. / Head of the Basrah PC Security Committee Jabar al-Saadi confirmed that the Central Prison of Basrah was crowded with 3,330 detainees convicted of terrorism, murder, armed robbery, and other offenses. Saadi noted that the prison could only accommodate 1,200 detainees, highlighting that the figure included a number of women detained for various offenses. / Head of the Iranian Islamic Consultative Council Ali Larijani confirmed that the Iraqi government was protecting Iraqi territory in order to strengthen its regional status as a strong, democratic, and safe country in the region. / Karbala Police Command Spokesperson Major Ihsan al-Asadi told Al-Sumaria on Sunday that Provincial Police Chief Major General Ahmad al- Zuwaini arrived at the tribal conflict area of Al Hindiah District, in the eastern part of the province, and that control over the conflict was achieved.

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